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PDF Scanner makes you more productive.

Easy to turn papers into PDFs with your iPhone. Scan receipts, books, IDs, bills, and other documents with just a few taps.

Advanced Technological Solution

Modern AI technology can detect edges and capture automatically, as well as fix distortions so that high-quality scans can be made in seconds.

Only a few taps to prepare documents

Create documents by scanning or importing from your gallery. You can also sign your name on the documents by drawing or capturing it.

Boost Digital Studying and Remote working

Students and remote workers can now scan necessary staffs to keep digital records on their pockets and use them later when needed.

Integrate more into your Scans

Adjust Documents

Adjust Documents

Change size and color tone, add new pages, draw cusomized signature on your scans.

Protect With Password

Protect with Password

Secure your documents with password-protection and share privately.

Organize, Export, Share

Organize, Export, Share

Organize your documents the way you want, export and share on cloud storage.

Our app is one of a thousand paper-saving solutions. Every day, we save hundreds of trees by sharing digital documents.